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If you know exactly what you need, go to the relevant capability below and select the tools to help you advance your Commercialisation PLUS journey.

The tools are divided into the six categories of the Commercialisation PLUS Readiness Capabilities, and each tool will support you through one of the nine steps.


Technology Readiness: Informing your technology development with market needs


Impact Readiness: Defining and measuring the impact and scale on society, the environment & the economy from your technology solution

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Readiness: Ensuring appropriate protections are in place to underpin your commercial pathway

Market/End user Readiness: Engaging with people who will potentially benefit from using your technology solution

Customer/Client Readiness: Engaging with people who are willing to pay for your technology solution

Relationships and Networks Readiness: Developing networks and building relationships with value chain actors and other stakeholders to help identify and manage opportunities