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The process

You have your research and you are ready to start the commercialisation process? Great! So, what's next?

The Commercialisation PLUS process has three phases (Phases A, B and C) and nine steps to guide you in taking your research idea into a viable market.

It is important to understand the problem that you are trying to solve, why the market will be interested in your product or service, and who the stakeholders are who might want to manufacture and buy the technology created from your research.

A puzzle with interconnecting pieces represents your Commercialisation PLUS journey. Each puzzle piece (or step) is essential; however you can complete them in any order to reach your commercialisation and impact goals.

Click on the individual puzzle pieces to find out more about each step of the Commercialisation PLUS journey.


Jigsaw with phases

The aim of each puzzle piece (or step) is to test and validate assumptions, to gather new information to reduce risk, and to help you make evidence-based decisions. Find out more below!