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Market Discovery Guide tool: Part C – Mapping your networks and relationships

The value of your network should not be under-estimated when thinking undertaking Commercialisation. In fact, harnessing and expanding the your networks and building relationships is an essential foundation for successful Commercialisation PLUS outcomes.

Information from your networks can help your understanding around the value and most appropriate path to market for your technology solution to market. Understanding who is in your existing networks, where the gaps are and who can potentially introduce you to people to fill those gaps is important good starting point for building strong networks and relationships with market actors.​ Interactions where there is an introduction are far more likely to be successful and open doors for conversations than cold calling.​

This tool can assist you to identify:​

  • Your immediate network – People who you and your team know directly a) within your institution, b) along the value chain, and c) potential funders​.
  • Your indirect network – People in your immediate network may know who could help you to connect to value chain actors, including end users and customers.​
  • Gaps/non-existing network – Who your direct and indirect relationships may know of but with whom they do not have a relationship (non-existing)​.

This tool is currently under development, please return here soon: Part C – A guide to exploring the market discussions

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