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Partnership Guide

Successful commercialisation can require collaborations beyond the researchers and customer/client.  In particular, broader collaborations can help to address system issues that are impacting use of your technology solution, such as regulatory challenges, production challenges, and access to finance to name a few.

This guide provides you with a framework and tools to help you build effective collaborations with stakeholder who may have expertise or resources that can help commercialise your technology solution and ensures mutual benefit, trust, transparency and accountability.  It will help you navigate aspects that can be complex to discuss, such as developing a shared vision for the collaboration, the different roles and responsibilities of partners, and risk and resource contributions. The tool is broken into the following parts:

  • Part A – Partner selector: A tool to help you determine who you should partner with, what your shared and individual goals are and if they would potentially be a good partner.
  • Part B – Preparing to partner: A brainstorming tool to help you map partner contributions and assess and manage potential risks associated with a partnership
  • Part C – Developing a partnership agreement: A tool to help you discuss and document key aspects of how the partnership will work, including shared and individual goals, governance structures, communications, dispute resolution etc.
  • Part D – Partnership review: A checklist to help guide discussions between partners around the health of the collaboration, including effectiveness in managing challenges early and timely and identify potential success stories to share about the partnership and results from the partnership.


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