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What is Commercialisation PLUS?

Commercialisation PLUS is a practical process to guide researchers and commercialisation professionals who are new to commercialisation, through the commercialisation decision-making process. This includes the management of assumptions and risks associated with launching research products and services into the market.

Commercialisation PLUS was developed in response to a request from the Government of Viet Nam. It is founded on current leading thinking and international best practice in innovation and commercialisation. The Commercialisation PLUS approach is also framed by Viet Nam’s regulatory and legal frameworks related to commercialisation.

In addition, the process goes beyond the status quo in commercialisation practice and asks users to explicitly consider:

  • the market system their technology will be applied beyond transferring it to a potential customer/client.
  • taking time to engage early and build relationships with both potential customers and market end-users, and
  • the social and environmental impacts as well as the standard commercial and economic impacts.

Commercialisation PLUS in-depth

There are multiple steps to successfully transforming a research idea into a marketable product or service that generates income and contributes to change in the real world.

The Commercialisation PLUS process provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach that guides users through the decision making from taking their research from the laboratory to use in the real work for impact.

Commercialisation PLUS guides users through nine steps across three phases. Completion of these steps is flexible and influenced by the researchers starting point. Steps can be completed in order, in parallel or even some steps can be skipped altogether depending on the opportunities and information available to the researcher.

Looking for more information?

For an in-depth explanation of the rationale and guiding principles that underpin Commercialisation PLUS, check out the Commercialisation PLUS Guide, or alternatively set up an online account to undertake your personal Commercialisation PLUS Readiness Assessment and receive useful tools to support and inform your commercialisation journey.

Download the guide